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Lessons from 25+ Years Using My Brain

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Children: "Cliches" I Adopted in TheBrain - 2023-06-10: A Discussion with Jerry Michalski on The Brain and Tinderbox - Q & A - getting started with Tinderbox - 5. Lessons, Especially: We Are Amnesic. - A Hunch: Nobody's Having the Info Curating Experience I'm Having - Adding Thoughts to My Brain Forces Me Into System 2 Thinking - Books I've Integrated Well in My Brain - Confessions of a Cyborg (2023) - Context Is Crucial - Curated Knowledge Accrues Value - Curating My Brain Is a Unique Form of Expression - Feeding my Brain refreshes my brain's neural paths - Google Doesn't Fix Our Lack of Memory - I Am More of a Cyborg than Anyone I Know - I Lose Track of Time while Curating My Brain - I Name Thoughts in My Brain with Care - I Notetake Directly into My Brain, Curating Immediately - I don't want AI making all the connections for me - I would like semantic links inferred from my Brain - I'm Not Sure What To Do With This Awesome Asset - I’ve Been Building Scaffolding for 25 Years in My Brain - My Brain Has Comfortable Local Structure - My Brain Has No Orphan Thoughts - My Brain Is a “Mother” for a Global Brain - My Default Brain Setting Is that Everything Is Public. This Is Unusual among Notetakers. - My TfT Brain Demo - My Unaided Recall Is Much Improved by Using My Brain - Potential Braindrops - Sharing My Brain Feels Vulnerable. I'm Exposing My Beliefs Here. - The Ad Business Model Deprecates Context in Favor of Flow - The Brain makes my memory convenient - The Size Limitation of Brain Thought Names Enforces Useful Succinctness - The Sweet Spot Is Becoming a Great Cyborg (or Centaur) - TheBrain as Extended Self/Mind - TheBrain is one viewer, one that really works for me. - TheBrain's Name Space is Unique and Important - TheBrain’s Default View Makes Lots of Context Easily Absorbable - There's no "Dark Forest" in my Brain (it's all useful) - Things I Cannot Do With My Brain - UI Things TheBrain Gets Right - We Are an Amnesic Society - What I've Learned from My Brain (Release 2.0 July 2007) - What I’ve learned from using my Brain - What if TheBrain were a social tool? - What if we could weave a global Brain? - When I Put Something in My Brain Nicely, I Get an Oxytocin Hit

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