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Parents: Artem Chekh - I’m a Ukrainian Soldier, and I’ve Accepted My Death - Russia Leaves Grain Deal, Attacks Odessa’s Grain Facilities - Welcome! (start here)

I Spent Five Days in a Trench Waiting for Death. It Was Pure Hell.

Siblings: 'Russian propaganda is beginning to fall apart,' says Pulitzer Prize-winning historian - 1 Aug: IMPOSSIBLE SHOT! Ukrainians Wipe Out a Russian ISLAND BASE - 12 Aug: Russians Are in Big Trouble! ALL BRIDGES BURNED DOWN! (gap since 4 Aug?) - 13 Aug: Finally! Ukrainians PENETRATE RUSSIAN DEFENSE BY 3 KM IN 1 DAY | War in Ukraine Explained - 14 Aug: Russians Are Speechless. Ukrainians CROSS THE RIVER & TAKE CAPTIVES - 15 Aug: Russians Are Furious! Their Commander LEAKED A KEY WEAK SPOT IN DEFENSE - 16 Aug: It’s official! Ukrainians LIBERATE TOWNS. IMMEDIATELY PUSH DEEPER - 17 Aug: What a day! Ukrainians SHOOT DOWN HELICOPTERS & BREACH RUSSIAN DEFENSE - 18 Aug: Nice! Ukrainians Create a HUGE GRAVEYARD OF BEST RUSSIAN TANKS - 19 Aug: That One HURT! Russian Strategic Airfield SUFFERS A DEVASTATING STRIKE! - 19 Jul: FINALLY! THE FIRST MISSILE STRIKE ON CRIMEAN BASES - 2 Aug: NICE. New Ukrainian Drones CATCH RUSSIANS COMPLETELY OFF GUARD - 20 Aug: INCREDIBLE OPERATION. Ukrainian Spies HIT RUSSIANS FROM THE BACK! - 20 Jul: MASS USE: Cluster Munitions WIPE OUT RUSSIAN REINFORCEMENTS - 21 Aug: SUCCESSFUL AMBUSH! Ukrainians DESTROY RUSSIAN STRATEGIC BOMBERS! - 21 Jul: Nice! Ukrainian Partisans BLOW UP A HUGE RUSSIAN AMMO DEPOT - 22 Aug: Ukrainian Bradleys DEMOLISH RUSSIAN TANKS - 22 Jul: Ukrainians DESTROY CRIMEAN SUPPLIES OF AMMO - 23 Jul: Ukrainians EXPAND THEIR BRIDGEHEAD ON THE EASTERN BANK - 24 Jul: CRITICAL DAMAGE! Russian Military Crippled. STRIKE ON RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE! - 25 Jul: BIG WIN! Russian Defense Crumbles. RUSSIAN GENERALS FIRED! - 26 Jul: UNEXPECTED. Russians ATTACK AND PENETRATE UKRAINIAN FLANKS - 27 Jul: SMART! Ukrainians Fool Russians & BREAK THROUGH THE CENTER| War in Ukraine Explained - 28 Jul: Point of no return. RUSSIAN FORCES GOT TRAPPED - 29 Jul: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Ukrainian Most Elite Special Ops WREAK HAVOC ON THE RUSSIAN DEFENSE - 3 Aug: SURPRISE! Russian High Command Suffers a DEADLY MASSACRE - 30 Jul: Ukrainians Destroy Russian Bridges & RAZE THEIR BASES TO THE GROUND - 31 Jul: Breached! Ukrainians ADVANCE BY 5 KM ON MULTIPLE AXES (xlnt) - 4 Aug: Genius. Ukrainians Use NEW TACTIC AND DESTROY 2 RUSSIAN SHIPS - Anime Shoulders #stayflexy - Are these people in Hong Kong HOMELESS?! 📦🏠 - Content Authenticity Initiative - Ex-CIA director identifies key factor in Ukrainian counteroffensive - Freeman Dyson - Edward Teller: Like a spoilt brat (114/157) - Good Starting Points - He Should Probably Stop - He must understand that if he is the world's finest... - How You Can Use Jerry's Brain - How to Cook Frozen Dumplings Perfectly Cooking Hack! - I’m a Ukrainian Soldier, and I’ve Accepted My Death - Kenn Thomas - Michael Jackson Used To Prank Call Russell Crowe⁉️🤣 #shorts #michaeljackson - My proud moment - New and Improved Areas - Notes About Using My Brain - Octoberfest in Germany - Putin’s Forever War - Russian tank column blown up by lethally accurate Ukrainian artillery near Bakhmut - Ruzzia runs out from Urozhayne | Ukraine broke their Defence - Taylor Swift guys - Terrifying GoPro footage: Bakhmut. Ukrainian soldiers storm Russian trenches #warinukraine #shorts - Ukraine Attacks Kerch/Crimean Bridge With S-200 Missiles - Ukraine War | CHALLENGER 2 & STRYKER! Ukraine's ELITE Unit starts to Grind Down Russian defense! - Ukrainian brigade obliterates Russian staging point with drone-deployed munitions - Useful Starting Points for Understanding Jerry's Brain - Wagner boss Prigozhin listed as passenger in fatal plane crash - Weissmann: I was a prosecutor for 21 years. I've never heard a judge warn a defendant like this. - ‘I hope it works!’: Taylor Swift continues Eras Tour show in heavy rain



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